Naturalist and Architect (PUC, Chile 2004) . Master in Architecture  (PUC, Chile 2011) developing biomimetics research due to a CONICYT scholarship. Creates social networks around oportunities to develop projects towards a more viable (economic), bearable (enviromental) and equitable (social) world to live in.

Works independently since 2000. Between 2002-2008 was executive director of URO1.ORG Cooperative and between 2008-2011 worked associated with Roberto Benavente. Has experience on Cultural Infraestructure (Museums, Libraries, Cultural Centers), Housing (Social, Emergency, Experimental), Construction  Techniques (Ephemeral, Prefabrication, Wood), and Sustainable Design (Energy, Recyling, Biodiversity).

Thought and work has been published in important Architectural magazines as DOMUS (Italy), AMC Le Moniteur (France), ARQ/CA/SPAM/AS/180 (Chile), 2G (Spain), ORIS (Croatia), Arhitectura (Romania) and taken part of books like “Atlas of 21st Century Architecture” (Phaidon), “Más pequeños espacios urbanos” (H Kliczkowski), “21st Century houses” (Abbeville), “1000x Architecture of the Americas” (Braun).

Have also been selected in XIII, XIV and XV Bienal de Arquitectura de Chile, and the IX Biennale di Venecia, and participate in important exhibitions around the world like “44 young architects” (Barcelona), “Alternative family housing” (Brno), “Spam city” (Chile), “East-west/North-south” (France). Conferences and Workshops in different Schools of Architecture in Chile (PUC, UTALCA, USM, UNAB, UCH, UCEN, UDP).